As a local Nigerian journalist, I met Jack Straw (a former British Foreign Secretary) and John Bruton (former Prime Minister of Ireland) while facilitating an International Conference on Democracy and Good Governance in Port Harcourt, Southern Nigeria. Straw and Bruton were both speakers at a conference where Straw listed a strong opposition party, credible and transparent electoral process as some of the ingredients of democracy.

The great concern is the validity of democracy in Africa as it relates to existing realities on the continent. We can’t ignore the debate about Africa designing its approach to democracy and how it seeks to manage the intricate link between politics, economics, and social existence.

The globally relevant themes impacting our world and affecting the Africa region, especially Nigeria, must be covered. The insight should be presented by clear perspectives and objective reporting. My goal is to bring attention to the salient issues we so often overlook on a continent of varied realities. Let’s do this together, welcome to a repository of my professional work!

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